Dedicated Task Teams

Assignments of the Dedicated Task Teams (Teams 9 - 13)

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Assignments of the Dedicated Task Teams

Task Team 9 (led by Elta)

System Architecture and FH

Central mission for the second year is the study and follow up on 5Gc and phasing out of ePC with all its components and
functions. The research activity will include the following assignments: 

1.   Survey of the work of standardization organizations and international forums, specifically 3gpp.
      The aim is drafting the detailed definition of the standard implementation methods, support of the more advanced
       features, interfaces among sub-systems. 

2.   Carrying out detailed specification of the system architecture starting from 5GC and its integration with 5G RAN
      including all functionalities, sub-systems and interfaces (including two levels of FH and the FH interfaces between
      RRH/sRRH and D-RAN/DU, separation between User Plane and Control Plane, survey and definition of optimal
       solutions including ROI/RoE/eCPRI/IQ over Eth.

All HERON members are assuming active role in the task team, specifically partners who are engaged in PHy solutions,
virtualization and FH solutions. Several research teams are active in this task team including Prof. Boaz ben Moshe,
Prof. Amir Abramovitch, Prof. Shacham and Farber, Prof. Shamai and Prof Amir Leshem.  

Task Team 10 (led by ASOCS)

Virtualization, NFV/SDN, MEC

Major assignments of the task team are the definition of the network performance and the methodologies for the
implementation of Slicing, MANO, Orchestrator and high Scheduler.

Prominent contributors from academy are - Prof. Dror Fixler from Bar Ilan Univ., Prof. Pinchasi from Ariel Univ.
and Dr. Yoram Hadad from Lev Institute

Prominent contributors from Industry - Adva, Telrad, ASOCS and RunEl
The assigned tasks are - proper methodology for NFV implementation, MEC definition, addressing URLLC services
and Hypervisor implementation utilizing open source for the realization of VIM.

Task Team 11 (led by Telrad)


The task team assumes responsibility for leading the 5GC topic, whereby enabling direct connection of the 5G RAN
to the core network as a stand-alone requirement. The task team addresses topics linked to 5GC such as gNB interfaces,
Slicing, QoS, and Dual Connectivity. The task team includes Telrad, Adva, ASOCS, RunEl and Elta.

Task Team 12 (led by Elta)

Air interface, scheduler

Air Interface and the various types and complexity of schedulers are being studied and implemented by several
industrial partners, therefore the need arise for a dedicated task team with a deep insight and understanding of the
system architecture to assume responsibility for efforts coordination and supervising implementation efforts among the
industrial partners. Major contributors to the task team are Prof. Amir Leshem from Bar-Ilan Univ.
From the industry - Elta, RunEl, Mobilicom and Siklu.

Task Team 13 (led by Elta)

POC Demonstrator

The task team is assigned to most critical mission whose main objective is the follow up and the monitoring of progress
achieved by HERON partners for the implementation and deployment of system demonstrator by end of three years and
ascertain successful POC, meeting expected performance. The Task team will be engaged in driving the entire consortium
partners to participate and contribute actively to the building up of a reliable system demonstrator presenting satisfactory
KPI performance in selected use cases and scenarios. The task team shall define the primary scenarios, coverage area,
frequency band, required bandwidth