Academic Research Activities

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Academic Research Activities

Academic research projects extend over three years duration. The status of the research is monitored
by quarterly technical reports generated by the academic research team and the research findings are frequently presented
during the working groups sessions. More exhaustive reports are the Periodic Milestone reports generated and distributed
by the research team on predetermined dates. 

The following are the titles of the research conducted by research teams from the 6 academic institutes

1.  Phase Shifter to SHF frequency band - Ariel Univ.

2.  Photomixer based sources and programmed antenna - Ariel Univ.

3.  Air interface and waveforms for 5G cellular communications in wide range of the electromagnetic
     spectra including millimeter wave - Ariel Univ.

4.  System Optimization of 5G networks using improved estimate of time and location - Ariel Univ.

5.  Improving network efficiency by employing FSO in urban areas - Ariel Univ.

6.  Efficient use of power amplifier for carrier aggregation – Ben-Gurion Univ.

7. Optimal design of the Physical layers components in 5G networks- Ben-Gurion Univ.

8.  Signaling protocols and probe for next generation cellular networks - Bar-lan University

9.  Optimization of multi-cell network - Bar-Ilan Univ.

10 H-Shaped Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna Array for 5G Applications- Technion

11.  Forecast of Cellular  coverage using machine learning -  Jerusalem College of Technology

12.  Cooperative Cellular Network – A Theoretic View - Technion

13.  Millimeter wave scalable phased arrays in CMOS for 5G wireless communication - Technion

14.  5G technologies in Cellular communication - Bar-Ilan Univ.

15.  Polar Codes - Technion