Dedicated Task Teams

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Dedicated Task Teams

On start of the second year activity, following consolidation of the preferred system architecture,
dedicated task teams have started their activity within the three working groups for the purpose of concentrating
the needed expertise and talents to explore and implement efficient solutions on selected 5G research areas of
essential technologies (Figure 1). Each task team is a joint team of academic researchers and experts from industrial
partners, assigned to a specific R&D area within the wide range of the system components.

HERON Essential 5G Research Areas

                                                                       Figure 1

The following task teams are propelling the R&D efforts, each on its assigned research area.
Each task team defines the relevant research topics to be discussed in each work session and exchange
information on state of development carried out by the industrial partners related to implementation status
of Building Blocks (Engines) presented at the start of HERON consortium activity (Fig. 2).  

HERON System Architecture building blocks Figure 2

  Figure 2. HERON System Architecture building blocks